Thursday, April 11, 2019

books of poetry

I am excited that now all my books are on the Kindle/Amazon site.  Although I would rather someone had the "real" book to read,  at least they are now accessible. 
I am also glad to be still working toward getting up to speed with the blog and the webpage, although I am not there yet.  The new blog is martina2u@  It seems to have the same problem as this one, for trying to give an address.  I am thinking about what I need for a website.  Since it is not really something which I consider a commercial venture, it is hard to know what works best. 
I have been thinking about making a book of the "flowers photos" from Filoli, and adding poems for them.
For anyone who wants the new book of poems, "Melody, memory and Silence,"  you can send $12 to me at po box 890. Soquel Ca 95073.  I will mail you the latest book.  You can have the previous 5 books for $6 each, which is $30 for all of them. 

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