Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ready to go

I haven't posted in a few months to the blog.  But now, on the eve of my trip to Switzerland and Austria, it seems a good thing to start posting again.
I have been happy to find several things which help with travel-- a small zippered pouch with an elastic waist belt, to hold the passport and phone is top of the list.  Next to that, shoes which are both sturdy and comfortable-- I got some Keen walking boots, lighter than my previous boots, and fit like gloves!  I also got a nice pair of Clarks which are wearable with socks, and will work when the Ma Clampitt boots don't.  I will take my phone to be able to use as a camera, but will get a sims card in Europe for local calls.  Hopefully there will be a lot of internet cafes where we can use the wifi to send messages.  I am excited to see Marilyn and get to see her home and life in Switzerland.   And in Austria, to see Gundi and Hermann will be wonderful.  And finally, the visit at the end of my time with Jan's family from Germany, where I will get to see his parents (last seen in 2001) and his children, whom I have not met except by skype visits!  I am hoping Jan's wife is feeling better-- she has had back pain this month.  The central part is to see a gaggle of the people I went to school with when we were 20, in Vienna.  This is an amazing opportunity to go through a later concentric circle of life, learning about the difference this many decades later, about who we are, and how we feel and think now.  I feel so blessed to get this chance!  To be able to try to compare and contrast with how it was when we were young!  I hope to be able to post some thoughts about this, and also some ideas for stories and poems.