Monday, February 26, 2018

Malpractice lawsuits

I believe one of the most damaging things about these lawsuits,  is that they use our finely tuned consciences and our self-doubt against us. We need to be resilient, but not hardened. We need to CARE about our patients, not become hardened and suspicious and angered by their needs. We need to take risks to be able to solve their healthcare needs, sometimes we are uncertain, which is the actual real part of practicing medicine which doesn't exist in the coding system. Gauging uncertainty and probability are the art of differential diagnosis. Patients respond differently to treatments. We need to keep having that tensile strength, and trust in our instincts and our medical acumen. Get help with counseling, to trust yourself and believe in yourself. We cannot control the outcome, we can only do our best to offer good care.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


We need to recognize that the word "nonviolence" was only invented in the 60s. It followed on Ghandi and Martin Luther King's work, when they began to link all kinds of oppression to bullying and violence. Considering history, we have made a lot of progress, in recognizing that we do not have to behave this way, that we can learn to use tools of nonviolent conflict resolution. But we HAVE to use them, and we have a whole world to protect. We need DIPLOMACY NOW. We need real and muscled effort in the State department. We need to actually get people to see that we MUST start to dismantle nuclear weapons, as Daniel Ellsberg is now saying in his new book. Nuclear winter is the outcome of any nuclear war. The planet will not be able to produce food, and people will starve to death. MOST of the people on the planet. We have to try to prevent that.