Thursday, November 24, 2011


(for my son Andreas)

“the stars go by in their serene beatitudes”
William Stafford

Honey, I want to curl around you
And listen like old people listen.

I am sure the fields which are full of winter,
sodden with rain and mud,
will bring green drifts of spring again,
when it is time.

You said to read Ecclesiastes.
I read it, and still can’t tell what time it is.

Honey, have you heard the rain on the roof
In the night?
It was quiet, but still I could hear it.

I am looking for signs and wonders.
Yes, in the night there are stars, to help me.

Honey, I send you Palestrina--
strands of rainbows woven into songs.

I hope it will be enough for the stars,
And every prayer I have said,
Between the rain and the green shoots
Telling me it is spring.